Correction Officer Opportunities

Physical Fitness Standards for Basic Correction Officer Academy

Student officers undergo 400 hours of training in the BCCO Academy prior to taking their positions at the Plymouth County Correctional Facility. The training is challenging both academically and physically, and requires dedication by the student officers.

The Academy consists of classroom instruction usually conducted during the morning sessions, and physical training in the afternoon. Areas of study include critical incidents and emergency plans, stress management, criminal offender record information procedures, hostage situations, history of jails and the Sheriff's Department, ethics and professionalism, oral communication skills, security and unit procedures, communicable diseases, CPR/Automated Emergency Defibrillator and First Responder training, sexual harassment prevention, classification, special management units and special needs, counseling techniques, staff and inmate relations, supervision of inmates and direct supervision, security procedures, inmate rights and responsibilities, security threat groups, cultural diversity, defensive tactics, among others. Student officers must pass a series of tests given on the subject material they study throughout their training. They must also meet physical fitness standards set by the Department and must pass an exit physical training exam to complete their training.

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