Seniors throughout Plymouth County have a direct link to their local public safety personnel, it’s an effort called TRIAD. We often hear, TRIAD? What the heck is TRIAD? Simply, it’s a group of seniors and law enforcement officials who gather on a regular basis to address the needs of the local senior community.

Often times guest speakers are invited to the group’s monthly meetings to give talks and presentations on issues affecting the senior community. A SALT Council is chosen to lead each town’s effort, but any senior is welcome to attend the monthly talks and special events. There’s no cost and seniors need not make a long term commitment to the group, but of course it’s welcomed.

The following lists TRIAD towns, monthly meeting date & time, location, local director and contact information:

Bridgewater – 3rd Tuesday – 1:00 pm – Bridgewater Senior Center – Lorraine Carrozza, COA Director, 508-697-0929

Brockton – 3rd Monday – 9:30 am – Brockton Senior Center - Anne McCormack, COA Director, 781-580-7811

Carver/Plympton – 1st Thursday – 2:00 pm – The Woodlands (Plympton)/Carver Town Hall – Janine Eaton, South Shore Housing Director, 781-422-4221

East Bridgewater – 1st Thursday – 9:30 am – E. Bridgewater Senior Center – Nancy Hill, COA Director, 508-378-1610

Halifax – 2nd Tuesday – 10:00 am – Halifax Town Hall - Maryellen Stevens, COA Director – 781-293-7313

Hanover – TBA

Marshfield – 2nd Wednesday – 1:00 pm – Marshfield Senior Center - Carol Hamilton, COA Director, 781-834-5581

Plymouth – TBA

Plympton/Carver – 1st Thursday – 2:00 pm – The Woodlands (Plympton)/Carver Town Hall – Janine Eaton, South Shore Housing Director, 781-422-4221

Plymouth TRIAD brought several speakers to the Manomet Library in its effort to reach out to seniors living in the various sections of Plymouth. The group was joined by a Comcast representative who explained the upcoming transition to digital television.

triad image 1
Marshfield TRIAD hosted town building inspector Michael Clancy in May. Clancy briefed the group on new costs associated with repairs and remodeling to their coastal homes and offered tips to keep from being swindled by deceptive contractors.
triad image 2
Hanover became the latest community to form a TRIAD, joining the communities of Brockton, Bridgewater, Carver/Plympton, East Bridgewater, Halifax, Marshfield, Plymouth, and Rochester.
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Joined by 30 seniors, the Council on Aging Director, representatives from the Sheriff’s Department, District Attorney’s office, and Hanover Police and Fire personnel signed the TRIAD compact and formed a SALT Council. The ceremony included lunch, as most TRIAD meetings include a treat or two.
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Many TRIAD communities host health fairs for seniors and offer identification card sessions through the Sheriff’s Department, if you’d like more information on TRIAD please contact Lori Sullivan at 508-732-1852.