Honor Guard

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The Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department Honor Guard was formed as a result of Correction Officer Steve Landry’s death in a motorcycle accident in 1997. Correctional Officer Shawn Pace had passed away from cancer in 2002. Between those tragic moments, an Honor Guard was formed. Two members of the original Honor Guard are still currently serving on the unit: Jason Tibbetts and Brian Martin.

Today, seven department employees are assigned to the Honor Guard commanded by Captain Dwayne Fortes. The primary duties of the Honor Guard are to provide professional services for funeral honors, parades, various ceremonies and official state and county functions. The Honor Guard is a ceremonial escort composed of full time Plymouth County Sheriff Department employees. Employees must be a sworn Deputy Sheriff current in all required classes and qualifications.

Honor Guard Commander Dwayne Fortes states, “It is critical to have individuals who share the same values and goals set forth for the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Honor Guard. It takes precision, unity, team work and a great amount of discipline to accomplish a ceremonial unit with a command presence like no other unit upholding the positive reputation of the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department, with all law enforcement agencies and the general public. Only those persons, who are highly motivated and maintain exceptionally high standards of appearance, conduct and show aptitudes for ceremonial duty are considered.”

The Goal set and agreed upon by all seven members of the Plymouth County Honor Guard is: To be the pinnacle of a well-disciplined reputable unit for all others to follow.

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Tribute to Lt. John M. Buckley

Lt. John M. Buckley was a 23 year veteran of the Plymouth County Sheriff's Department and commanding officer of the Warrant Apprehension Unit at the time of his death in November 2010. John will be greatly missed. Our deepest sympathy to the Buckley Family ~ We Salute You.

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Plymouth County Honor Guard stands at attention in the Senate Chamber. In
the photo L to R, Honor Guard Rifleman Paul Donatio, National color bearer
Mike Halloran, State color bearer Mike Loring, Department color bearer
Nathan Wilder, Rifleman Brian Martin and Commander Lt. Dwayne Fortes.